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Rotterdam Webcams

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Webcam 1

Rotterdam Central Station

Webcam 2

Station Blaak, Market Hall, Cube Houses

Webcam 3

Cruise Terminal and Erasmus Bridge

Webcam 4

Westerkade, Veerhaven, Euromast

Webcam 5

Erasmus Bridge

Webcam 6

Port of Rotterdam

Follow one of the webcam links for a full screen live view.

Webcam 1 - Rotterdam Central Station.

Webcam 2 - Station Blaak with Market Hall and Cube Houses.

Webcam 3 - Cruise Terminal and Erasmus Bridge.

Webcam 4 - View on Westerkade, Veerhaven, Euromast.

Webcam 5 - Erasmus Bridge and Boompjes.

Webcam 6 - Port of Rotterdam.

The above webcams are provided by Martens Multimedia.

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