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Rotterdam, one of the coolest cities in the world with Europe's biggest port.

Rotterdam (abbreviated Rdam) is the second largest city in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is about 1 hour drive away from Rotterdam and in between you will find cities like Delft, The Hague and Leiden. In the opposite direction you go to Belgium. Antwerp is also about 1 hour driving from Rotterdam. When you're in Rotterdam it's easy to make trips to one of these other cities. This page gives you an impression of Rotterdam.

Central Station Rotterdam The place where a lot of people will start their visit to Rotterdam is the Central Station. Since 2014 is this the new station building which offers more space for larger numbers of travellers. The tip of the roof points to the city centre witch is just a short walk away. In the main entrance of the station you can find a toerist office desk for information or to buy the Rotterdam Welcome Card.
Coming from Central Station, you will see the Weena on your left with the Hofplein Fountain at the end. Here you also will find stairs to enter the Luchtsingel. Weena Rotterdam
Hofplein Rotterdam The Hofplein Fountain. In this picture you see two giraffes standing in front of it on the occasion of the celebration of 150 years of Rotterdam Zoo. Before the bombing of Rotterdam in 1940, the Hofplein was located a little further down the road where you find now artwork 'New Delftse Poort'.
This is the New Delftsche Poort (1993). The real Delftsche Poort was built in 1764 and was the only remaining city gate in Rotterdam. The Delftsche Poort was destroyed by the German bombardment of Rotterdam, 14 May 1940. New Delftse Poort
Laurens Church The Lawrence Church (Laurenskerk). The only remaining medieval structure of Rotterdam city centre. The church from the end of the fifteenth century narrowly survived the 1940 bombing. In fact, only the outer walls and the tower remained. After the war the restoration work began and was completed in 1968. The tower of the church can be climbed (March to October) on Wednesdays at 14:00 and on Saturdays at 12:00 or 13:30.

Learn more about the bombing of Rotterdam by searching for Rotterdam Blitz or watch this VIDEO with explanation in English or VIDEO 2 with some Dutch text.
Station Blaak, actually it is the roof of the station because the Train and Metro station is underground. Behind the station you can see the Market Hall. On Tuesdays and Saturdays there is a large outdoor market here. Railroad Station Blaak
Cube Houses The Cube Houses on the Blaak. The houses are shaped like trees, so this area is also called the Blaakse Bos (Blaak Forest) One of them (the Kijk-Kubus) can be viewed inside by paying an entrance fee or stay in the hostel Stayokay.
This particular area is called the Old Harbour. It was the first harbour of Rotterdam, built in 1328. You will find here the White House, Marines Museum, a couple of bar-restaurants and historic shipyard Koningspoort, where they maintain and repair historic ships. The Old Harbour
White House Rotterdam This building was at the time (1898) one of the highest building in Europe. Rotterdam's first "skyscraper". It's called the White House. It has a facade of white glazed bricks, decorated with Art Nouveau mosaics and statues. The White House is one of the few buildings that survived the bombing of Rotterdam centre in the Second World War.
The famous sculpture 'The Devastated City' by Ossip Zadkine. This sculpture commemorates the Nazi bombing of Rotterdam in the Second World War. The hands in the sky against the bombs falling down and a hole in the body to show the centre was bombed out of the city. The devastated city
The Hef Rotterdam The high bridge you see here is the Hef. It's a lifting bridge that was in use by the train until 1993. Because the train now runs underground, the bridge is no longer in use. But the Hef remains one of the city's icons.
View of the Boompjes with the Willemswerf building, where Jackie Chan slide down from the roof in the movie "Who Am I". Watch the video on Youtube. To the right in this photo you see the north part of the Willems Bridge. Willemswerf
Boompjes Rotterdam Also on the Boompjes, 3 apartments buildings. Here, the Nehalennia moors, a classic passenger ship from 1908, she offers a 2 hour boat tour through the harbour. A little further "under" the Erasmus Bridge you will find the Spido. The Spido offers a 75 minutes harbour cruise. The Port of Rotterdam is actually too big for a short tour. The Port with a length of more then 40 km reaches all the way to the North Sea, so it takes a day trip (to the Maasvlakte) to really see the entire Port.
The Erasmus Bridge. It is one of the three bridges in Rotterdam over the river 'Nieuwe Maas'. The Erasmus bridge has become one of the landmarks of Rotterdam. From here you have a nice view at the Cruise Terminal where the cruise ships dock. Erasmus Bridge
Water Taxi Rotterdam This is the Water Taxi. They can bring you to different locations along the river, like Delfshaven, Hotel New-York, Steamship SS-Rotterdam, the Euromast, the Veerhaven, the Old Harbor, the Watertower, soccer stadium Feyenoord (The Kuip), restaurant Zalmhuis or just to the other side of the river.
The former arrival and departure hall of the Holland-America Line is nowdays the Cruise Terminal of Rotterdam. Next to the terminal is 'The Rotterdam', the biggest (but not the tallest) building of the Netherlands. Besides offices and apartments it also includes Hotel Nhow with 285 rooms. Their "Sunset Rooms" have a beautiful view on the Erasmus Bridge, the river and Rotterdam city centre. Cruise Terminal
Holland America Line Here you see what was once the headoffice of the Holland-America Line (HAL), today it's a hotel with the name New York. From 1880 to 1925 emigrants departed from here to America. HAL Cruises has it's roots in Holland and their cruises still stop in Rotterdam. Visit the Unofficial Holland America Line website for more about the history of HAL.
The former ocean liner and cruise ship SS Rotterdam is now a museum, hotel and restaurant. Located at the south side of Rotterdam. A visit to this steamship is one of the things to do in Rotterdam or you can stay in one of the hotelrooms. SS-Rotterdam
Euromast Observation tower Euromast. It has a fantastic panoramic view over Rotterdam and a restaurant halfway up the tower. On the picture directly to the right of the tower you can see the ventilation building of the Maastunnel. There you will also find a small building with the entrance to go down into the tunnel and cross the river on foot or by bike.
Flour Windmill 'Distilleerketel' is located in an small historic part of Rotterdam called Delfshaven. Nearby you can also find the Pinball Museum. Near to Historic Delfshaven at Metro Station Coolhaven (under the bridge) you'll find Museum Rotterdam ’40-’45 about Rotterdam in the years of World War 2. Flourmill The Distilling Vessel
Pilgrim Fathers Church Also in Delfshaven, the Pilgrim Fathers Church. This is where the Pilgrim Fathers left on the ship Speedwell for their journey to North America. To the left of the church is brewery and restaurant 'De Pelgrim'. You can make an appointment for a brewery tour.
Depot and museum Boijmans van Beuningen. The silver flowerpot in the photo is the art depot of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, which will be open to the public from Saturday 6 November 2021. Then you can browse through a collection of 151,000 works of art that are stored in this depot. The museum itself will be closed for renovation until 2028. Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen
The Prinsen Windmill You have to search them, but there are 7 windmills in Rotterdam. (See the map) 2 of them are at Lake Kralingen and the one on this picture is the Prinsenmolen, located in the Prinsemolenpark in Hillegersberg. Close to Rotterdam you will also find Kinderdijk. There you will find many windmills close to each other and two of them are open for visitors.
Rotterdam Airport is located at the northern edge of Rotterdam. Local known as Airport Zestienhoven and today the official name is 'Rotterdam The Hague Airport' because the airport is also not far from The Hague. The airport has flights to about 40 destinations in Europe. Rotterdam Airport

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