Sights of Rotterdam


Sights of Rotterdam is made by John Keppels and is available under the domain names or

On this website I like to show you the city I was born and raised, Rotterdam. The website started in 1997 as my homepage with one page about Rotterdam. In 1997 Rotterdam wasn't much touristic yet, but now more then 75 years after the Second World War Nazi bombing even big cruise ships stop in Rotterdam. Look around and let you inspire for a trip to this nice city in the Netherlands.

Take a look in the galleries for bigger sized photo's. In the gallery Holland you also find pictures of places not far from Rotterdam, like Gouda or Delft. Don't forget to read the Tips and look at the Day Trips for idea's and directions how to get from Rotterdam to places like Kinderdijk, The Efteling, Delft, The Hague, Keukenhof, Dordrecht or the Delta Works.

The photo's on this website are resized and have copyright, if you like to use them send me an request with where or how you want to use them. In general: The photo's may not be changed and I like a link to my website with credit by the photo's that are used.

Enjoy my website,

J.F. Keppels