Sights of Rotterdam


Sights of Rotterdam

Sights of Rotterdam is made by John F. Keppels and is available under the domain names, or


How it started: I started this website in 1997 as my homepage called JFK Homepage. The internet was still emerging and you had to call a phonenumber to get connected to your Internet Service Provinder (ISP). At the time it was kind of standard to get free web-space from your ISP, so I made a homepage/website. One of the pages I made was about my hometown Rotterdam. Back in 1997 Rotterdam wasn't much touristic yet and there were not many websites or blogs about Rotterdam. But 2014 was a turning point and Rotterdam was placed 10th on the list of cities you must visit by the New York Times, 8th on the list of Rough Guides and in 2016 number 5 on Lonely Planet’s 'Best in Travel 2016', etcetera. Nowadays more then 75 years after the Second World War bombing by the Nazi's which devastated the entire city centre, even big cruise ships make regular stops in Rotterdam. My website focused more and more on Rotterdam and in 2018 it was renamed to Sights of Rotterdam.

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Take a look in the galleries for photos of Rotterdam in larger format. In the gallery Cruise Port you see some of the Cruise Ships that visited Rotterdam and in the gallery Holland you find photos of places near Rotterdam, such as Dordrecht, Gouda or Delft. Don't forget to read the Tips and look at the Day Trips for idea's and directions how to get from Rotterdam to places like Kinderdijk, The Efteling, Delft, The Hague, Keukenhof, Dordrecht or the Delta Works.

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Look around on my website and let you inspire for a citytrip to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

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